Staffordshire Car Care joins the team

With the first round just around the corner at Brands Hatch, I'm excited to announce we have Staffordshire Car Care joining the team for the season. Hear from Craig below on the partnership:

"Staffordshire Car Care are proud to announce the fantastic new relationship supporting the Junior Ginetta race driver Greg Johnson. We have been watching Greg's journey from his karting years and we are proud to be playing a key role in his team's passion to win. The FANATICAL Ginetta G40 stands out more so now than ever with advanced quartz ceramic coatings from world leading automotive coatings company Gyeon Quartz, installed meticulously by ourselves. The car has increased the ability to slice through the air due to the slick slippery paint surface achieved by the technology of Q2 DuraFlex coatings, visibility has also been increased. Our detailers have polished and applied Gyeon Quartz coatings to the windscreen and all glazed areas, this helps Greg make those important split second decisions even on a wet track. Staffordshire Car Care look forward to being a part of the Team and Greg Johnson's successful career for many years to come."

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