Great first day in the office!

Every race season kicks off a launch event and people have been asking me what happens so here's a quick behind-the-scenes rundown of the day.

  • Ginetta supply all challengers with a new HRX suit

  • We fire up the cars and head on to the circuit for some awesome tracking shots

  • Three 40-minute sessions on the track before lunch

  • Media training in our lunch break with Louise Goodman Media

  • We're given our new engines; this is done by picking a number out of a hat, which corresponds to our engine number for the season

  • Finally, we finish off with another 40-minute session and end the day

The car was absolutely on-point. Completely faultless all day, which is a huge positive coming into the season without any major niggles to fix. The team and mechanics were professional all day and we made some brilliant calls on what different setups to try and when to do a new tyre run. My team mates were running well all day, too, and we managed to put into practice the towing situation.

I'm very excited for the opening rounds, counting down the days to take a lot of built up energy and excitement out into the track! The Ginetta Junior championship brings in rookies that are looking expand their knowledge and they tend to learn quickly so every driver is a threat. My key focus is on me and ensuring I'm racing as well as I can and looking to forward to where that gets me on the day.

As a support race for the British Touring Car Championship, I'm looking forward to a lot of coverage on ITV Sport this season and getting lots of airtime for the car and our partners brands in front of such a huge audience.


Images are from Jakob Ebrey Photography. Click on the images for high-resolution versions and please credit where used.